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THE CONSEQUENCES OF ORAL SEX: An eye-opening reality on your health

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, who studied 100 men and women newly diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer and 200 healthy people have confirmed that oral sex can cause oropharyngeal cancer. Georgia Nursing Schools documented that Oral Sex Could Give more Throat Cancer than Smoking.
Current studies have confirmed oral sex as one of the major causative factors of mouth/throat cancers. The potency of oral sex to cause mouth cancer is much virulent than carcinogens in tobacco and alcohol. Oral sex has the high risk of transmitting HIV/AIDS. It has been confirmed that ‘infection by human papilloma virus (HPV) related to the sexual practice is already the leading cause of oral cancer (mouth and throat tumors), apart from cancer caused by cigarette smoking. These findings are consistent with studies which argue that’ those ‘who have engaged in oral sex with more than six individuals are eight times more likely to develop this disease than the less promiscuous. According to the National Cancer Institute, there are 150 different types of HPV (cancers) and 40 of them can be transmitted sexually.
Also, other studies have documented that women who have taken more than one sexual partners in their life time have the risk of getting cervical cancer.
Think of effects of oral sex! Virus can incubate at the private part of a woman for many years without any sign of cancer if she takes good care of the body through high intake of fruits/­vegetables, physical activities, etc. This does not mean that the virus is dead or inactive to infect. The virus is now dormant due to strong immune system. 
Finally, when a man licks a woman he has the high risk of licking Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), HIV, candidiasis, syphilis, left over of menstruation, faeces, hepatitis, and other cancer cells. When a woman as well licks male genitals, she also has the tendency of licking HIV, hepatitis and primary syphilis that can cause painless sores on the genitals.


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One thought on “THE CONSEQUENCES OF ORAL SEX: An eye-opening reality on your health

  1. Wow! Great enlightenment. I’m glad I read this.

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